Lemons & Chevron

A breath taking view of YEG's river valley while enjoying the musical talents of a local mariachi band. Odile & Andrew had a vision of fresh lemons & chevron while on the balcony of the Courtyard Marriot in down town Edmonton.
The ceremony took place at St. Joachim (French) Parish located just off Jasper Ave. Musical sounds of a trumpet and organ filled the church. If you happened to walk by the church you would have been in awe of the music coming from within. The "lemony fresh" reception took place on the balcony of the Courtyard Marriot - overlooking the spectacular view of Edmonton's pride and joy - The River Valley. Canary yellow, light grey & white - made the perfect pallet for a June wedding. Odile & Andrew went with 3 separate yet equally delicious cakes. Covered in butter cream with simple yet elegant detail, the guests had the choice between lemon, chocolate or red velvet made by Debra from Laurabella Treats.
It was a beautiful summer day well spent on a balcony with a priceless view.

Vendor Spotlight;
Two Buds Floral Artistry - Center Pieces, Boutonnieres & Bouquets
Sarah Zamburek - Photography
Laurabella Treats - Wedding Cakes


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